All OIG Reports

Evaluation of FHFA’s Management of Legal Fees for Indemnified Executives EVL-2012-002 2012-02-22
Case Study: Freddie Mac's Unsecured Lending to Lehman Brothers Prior to Lehman Brothers' Bankruptcy EVL-2013-03 2013-03-14
FHFA’s Supervision of Freddie Mac’s Controls over Mortgage Servicing Contractors AUD-2012-001 2012-03-07
FHFA’s Controls to Detect and Prevent Improper Payments AUD-2012-002 2012-03-09
FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Single-Family Underwriting Standards AUD-2012-003 2012-03-22
FHFA Can Enhance Its Oversight of FHLBank Advances to Insurance Companies by Improving Communication with State Insurance Regulators and Standard-Setting Groups AUD-2013-006 2013-03-18
FHFA’s Supervisory Framework for Federal Home Loan Banks’ Advances and Collateral Risk Management AUD-2012-004 2012-06-01
FHFA's Oversight of the Federal Home Loan Banks' Unsecured Credit Risk Management Practices EVL-2012-005 2012-06-28
FHFA's Call Report System AUD-2012-006 2012-07-19
Enhanced FHFA Oversight Is Needed to Improve Mortgage Servicer Compliance with Consumer Complaint Requirements AUD-2013-007 2013-03-21
FHFA's Certifications for the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements EVL-2012-006 2012-08-23
FHFA Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Remediation Plan to Refund Contributions to Borrowers for the Short Sale of Properties AUD-2014-004 2014-01-15
Follow-up on Freddie Mac's Loan Repurchase Process EVL-2012-007 2012-09-13
FHFA Should Develop and Implement a Risk-Based Plan to Monitor the Enterprises’ Oversight of Their Counterparties’ Compliance with Contractual Requirements Including Consumer Protection Laws AUD-2013-008 2013-03-26
FHFA's Oversight of the Enterprises' Management of High-Risk Seller/Servicers AUD-2012-007 2012-09-18
FHFA’s Use of Government Purchase Cards AUD-2014-006 2014-01-31
FHFA’s Implementation of Active Directory AUD-2014-007 2014-01-31
FHFA’s Oversight of the Federal Home Loan Banks’ Affordable Housing Programs EVL–2013–04 2013-04-30
FHFA’s Oversight of the Enterprises’ Use of Appraisal Data Before They Buy Single-Family Mortgages AUD-2014-008 2014-02-06
FHFA's Conservator Approval Process for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Business Decisions AUD-2012-008 2012-09-27
FHFA’s Initiative to Reduce the Enterprises’ Dominant Position in the Housing Finance System by Raising Gradually Their Guarantee Fees EVL-2013-005 2013-07-16
FHFA’s Oversight of the Servicing Alignment Initiative EVL-2014-003 2014-02-12
Home Affordable Refinance Program: A Mid-Program Assessment EVL-2013-006 2013-08-01
FHFA Oversight of Enterprise Handling of Aged Repurchase Demands AUD-2014-009 2014-02-12
Update on FHFA's Oversight of the Enterprises' Non-Executive Compensation Practices EVL-2014-004 2014-02-25