All OIG Reports

Audit of FHFA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Government Purchase Card Program Found Several Deficiencies with Leased Holiday Decorations, and the Need for Greater Attention by Cardholders and Approving Officials to Program Requirements AUD-2018-011 2018-09-06
Audit of FHFA’s Oversight of the Enterprises’ Affordable Housing Set-Asides and Allocations AUD-2018-012 2018-09-24
FHFA Should Re-evaluate and Revise Fraud Reporting by the Enterprises to Enhance its Utility EVL-2018-004 2018-09-24
Audit of FHFA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Government Travel Card Program: FHFA Needs to Emphasize Certain Program Requirements to Travelers and Approving Officials AUD-2018-014 2018-09-25
FHFA Needs to Strengthen Controls over its Employee Transportation Benefits Programs Audit Report AUD-2018-013 2018-09-25
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Office of Inspector General’s Information Security Program Fiscal Year 2018 AUD-2019-002 2018-10-24
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program Fiscal Year 2018 AUD-2019-001 2018-10-24
FHFA Complied with Applicable Improper Payment Requirements for Fiscal Year 2018 AUD-2019-007 2019-05-16
FHFA Conducted BSA/AML Program Examinations of 10 of 11 Federal Home Loan Banks During 2016-2018 in Accordance with its Guidelines, But Failed to Support a Conclusion in the Report of Examination for the Other Bank AUD-2019-008 2019-07-10
Servicer Mortgage Payment Remittance SIR-2013-5 2013-06-17
Federal Home Loan Bank Collateral Verification Reviews SIR-2013-4 2013-06-17
Enterprise Oversight of Property Preservation Inspections SIR-2013-002 2012-11-26
Special Report on the Common Securitization Platform: FHFA Lacked Transparency and Exercised Inadequate Oversight over a $2.13 Billion, Seven-Year Project OIG-2019-005 2019-03-29
Compliance Review of DBR’s Examinations of Critical Cybersecurity Controls at the Federal Home Loan Banks COM-2019-004 2019-05-07