All OIG Reports

Safe and Sound Operation of the Enterprises Cannot Be Assumed Because of Significant Shortcomings in FHFA’s Supervision Program for the Enterprises OIG-2017-003 2016-12-15
FHFA’s Examinations Have Not Confirmed Compliance by One Enterprise with its Advisory Bulletins Regarding Risk Management of Nonbank Sellers and Servicers EVL-2017-002 2016-12-21
Directives from the Audit Committee of the Freddie Mac Board of Directors Caused Management to Improve its Reporting about Remediation of Serious Deficiencies from October 2015 through September 2016 ESR-2017-003 2017-03-22
FHFA’s Practice for Rotation of its Examiners Is Inconsistent between its Two Supervisory Divisions EVL-2017-004 2017-03-28
FHFA’s Examination Program for the FHLBanks’ Internal Audit Functions Was Adequately Designed and Executed AUD-2017-003 2017-05-05
FHFA Complied with Applicable Improper Payment Requirements During Fiscal Year 2016 AUD-2017-004 2017-05-10
FHFA’s Processes for General Support System Component Inventory Need Improvement AUD-2017-005 2017-05-25
Closure of OIG Review of FHFA’s Supervision of an Enterprise’s Remediation of Matters Requiring Attention ESR-2017-005 2017-06-12
NPL Sales: Additional Controls Would Increase Compliance with FHFA’s Sales Requirements AUD-2017-006 2017-07-24
The Gap in FHFA’s Quality Control Review Program Increases the Risk of Inaccurate Conclusions in its Reports of Examination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac EVL-2017-006 2017-08-17
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Privacy Program AUD-2017-007 2017-08-30
FHFA’s 2015 Report of Examination to Fannie Mae Failed to Follow FHFA’s Standards Because it Reported on an Incomplete Targeted Examination of the Enterprise’s New Representation and Warranty Framework AUD-2017-008 2017-09-22
FHFA Failed to Complete Non-MRA Supervisory Activities Related to Cybersecurity Risks at Fannie Mae Planned for the 2016 Examination Cycle AUD-2017-010 2017-09-27
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program Fiscal Year 2017 AUD-2018-001 2017-10-17
Corporate Governance: Review and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest Involving Fannie Mae’s Senior Executive Officers Highlight the Need for Closer Attention to Governance Issues by FHFA EVL-2018-001 2018-01-31
Audit of FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Compliance with the Required Risk Mitigants of Automated Underwriting, Mortgage Insurance, and Homeownership Education for its Purchases of Mortgages with a 97% LTV AUD-2018-003 2018-03-08
FHFA Completed its Planned Procedures for a 2015 Representation and Warranty Framework Targeted Examination at Fannie Mae, but Did Not Document a Change to Planned Testing AUD-2018-005 2018-03-13
FHFA Requires the Enterprises’ Internal Audit Functions to Validate Remediation of Serious Deficiencies but Provides No Guidance and Imposes No Preconditions on Examiners’ Use of that Validation Work EVL-2018-002 2018-03-28
FHFA Complied with Applicable Improper Payment Requirements During Fiscal Year 2017 AUD-2018-009 2018-04-26
DBR’s Safety and Soundness Quality Control Reviews Were Conducted in Compliance with FHFA’s Standard During the 2017 Examination Cycle but DBR’s Community Investment Quality Control Reviews Were Not AUD-2018-010 2018-08-17
Audit of FHFA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Government Purchase Card Program Found Several Deficiencies with Leased Holiday Decorations, and the Need for Greater Attention by Cardholders and Approving Officials to Program Requirements AUD-2018-011 2018-09-06
Audit of FHFA’s Oversight of the Enterprises’ Affordable Housing Set-Asides and Allocations AUD-2018-012 2018-09-24
FHFA Should Re-evaluate and Revise Fraud Reporting by the Enterprises to Enhance its Utility EVL-2018-004 2018-09-24
Audit of FHFA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Government Travel Card Program: FHFA Needs to Emphasize Certain Program Requirements to Travelers and Approving Officials AUD-2018-014 2018-09-25
FHFA Needs to Strengthen Controls over its Employee Transportation Benefits Programs Audit Report AUD-2018-013 2018-09-25