What We Do


Congress enacted the Inspector General Act of 1978 to ensure integrity and efficiency in government. Both the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA or Agency) and this Office of Inspector General (OIG) were established by Congress. FHFA-OIG is led by an Inspector General who is appointed by the President and subject to Senate confirmation.


OIG promotes the economy, efficiency, and integrity of FHFA programs and operations, and deters and detects fraud, waste, and abuse, thereby supporting FHFA’s mission.

We accomplish our mission by conducting independent oversight activities of the Agency’s programs and operations, engaging in robust enforcement efforts to protect the interests of the American taxpayers, and keeping our stakeholders fully and currently informed of our work.


OIG’s vision is to promote excellence and trust through exceptional service to FHFA, Congress, and other stakeholders. OIG achieves this vision by being an independent oversight organization that acts as a catalyst for effective management, accountability, and positive change in FHFA.

We hold accountable those who waste or steal funds in connection with the Agency or the regulated entities, whether inside or outside of the federal government. OIG also seeks to inspire a workforce that embodies the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and technical proficiency.


OIG has identified a number of values that apply to our work. These values are fundamental to accomplishing our mission and conducting our daily operations.

OIG’s core values are:

Integrity – We hold ourselves and each other to the highest ethical standards. 

Objectivity and Independence – We follow applicable professional standards in the conduct of our work. Our work and reporting are based on sound evidence and all decisions and findings are made in an ethical manner without bias or undue influence.

Excellence – We are committed to achieving the highest quality in everything we do.

Respect – We treat each other and our stakeholders with professionalism, dignity, and respect.