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The Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Methodology and the Enterprises and FHLBanks WPR-2019-004 2019-09-24
FHFA Should Enhance Supervision of its Regulated Entities’ Cybersecurity Risk Management by Obtaining Consistent Cybersecurity Incident Data EVL-2019-004 2019-09-23
FHFA’s Completion of Planned Targeted Examinations of Freddie Mac Improved from 2016 through 2018, But Timeliness Remained an Issue AUD-2019-013 2019-09-17
FHFA’s Completion of Planned Targeted Examinations of Fannie Mae Improved from 2016 through 2018, But Timeliness Remained an Issue; With the June 2019 Issuance of the Single Security, FHFA Should Reassess its Supervision Framework for CSS AUD-2019-012 2019-09-17
FHFA Should Name an Ombudsman and Document the Office of the Ombudsman's Procedures AUD-2019-011 2019-09-16
Five Years After Issuance, Many Examination Modules Remain in Field Test; FHFA Should Establish Timelines and Processes to Ensure Timely Revision of Examiner Guidance EVL-2019-003 2019-09-10
Risk Assessment of FHFA's Government Travel Card Program (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019) OIG-RA-2019-001 2019-09-10
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Commitment to Evaluate Its Internal Quality Control Reviews Pertaining to Matters Requiring Attention COM-2019-007 2019-09-09
Management Advisory: Allegations Related to Fannie Mae Senior Executive Spending on Entertainment, Conferences, and Training (January 2016 through September 2018) OIG-2019-006 2019-09-04
Audit of FHFA's Government Purchase Card Program (October 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019) AUD-2019-010 2019-08-28
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency's 2019 Privacy Program AUD-2019-009 2019-08-28
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Risk Assessments of the Enterprises COM-2019-006 2019-08-14
Evaluation of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Oversight of Freddie Mac’s Repurchase Settlement with Bank of America EVL-2011-006 2011-09-27
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP's Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency's Risk Management Process for External Network Vulnerablities AUD-2012-010 2012-09-28
FHFA Failed to Consistently Deliver Timely Reports of Examination to the Enterprise Boards and Obtain Written Responses from the Boards Regarding Remediation of Supervisory Concerns Identified in those Reports EVL-2016-009 2016-07-14
FHFA's Failure to Consistently Identify Specific Deficiencies and Their Root Causes in Its Reports of Examination Constrains the Ability of the Enterprise Boards to Exercise Effective Oversight of Management's Remediation of Supervisory Concerns EVL-2016-008 2016-07-14
FHFA’s Targeted Examinations of Freddie Mac: Just Over Half of the Targeted Examinations Planned for 2012 through 2015 Were Completed AUD-2016-007 2016-09-30
FHFA’s Targeted Examinations of Fannie Mae: Less than Half of the Targeted Examinations Planned for 2012 through 2015 Were Completed and No Examinations Planned for 2015 Were Completed Before the Report of Examination Issued AUD-2016-006 2016-09-30
FHFA Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Reimbursement Process for Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspections AUD-2014-005 2014-01-15
FHFA’s Oversight of Derivative Counterparty Risk ESR-2014-001 2013-11-20
Reducing Risk and Preventing Fraud in the New Securitization Infrastructure EVL-2013-010 2013-08-22
FHFA's Oversight of Public Statements ESR-2013-002 2013-02-28
Evaluation of FHFA's Oversight of Fannie Mae's Transfer of Mortgage Servicing Rights from Bank of America to High Touch Servicers EVL-2012-008 2012-09-18
FHFA's Supervisory Risk Assessment for Single-Family Real Estate Owned AUD-2012-005 2012-07-19
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General’s Information Security Program Fiscal Year 2016 AUD-2017-002 2016-10-26