All OIG Reports

Kearney & Company, P.C.’s Independent Evaluation of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program – 2015 AUD-2015-002 2015-09-09
Intermittent Efforts Over Almost Four Years to Develop a Quality Control Review Process Deprived FHFA of Assurance of the Adequacy and Quality of Enterprise Examinations EVL-2015-007 2015-09-30
FHFA’s Exercise of Its Conservatorship Powers to Review and Approve the Enterprises’ Annual Operating Budgets Has Not Achieved FHFA’s Stated Purpose EVL-2015-006 2015-09-30
Kearney & Company, P.C.'s Results of the Federal Housing Finance Agency's Cybersecurity Act Audit AUD-2016-004 2016-08-11
FHFA’s Supervisory Planning Process for the Enterprises: Roughly Half of FHFA’s 2014 and 2015 High-Priority Planned Targeted Examinations Did Not Trace to Risk Assessments and Most High-Priority Planned Examinations Were Not Completed AUD-2016-005 2016-09-30
Performance Audit of the Agency's Information Security Program Fiscal Year 2016 AUD-2017-001 2016-10-26
FHFA’s Use of Inconsistent Criteria Materially Affected its Reporting of Remediation of Serious Deficiencies in its 2015 Performance and Accountability Report EVL-2017-001 2016-11-09
Safe and Sound Operation of the Enterprises Cannot Be Assumed Because of Significant Shortcomings in FHFA’s Supervision Program for the Enterprises OIG-2017-003 2016-12-15
FHFA’s Examinations Have Not Confirmed Compliance by One Enterprise with its Advisory Bulletins Regarding Risk Management of Nonbank Sellers and Servicers EVL-2017-002 2016-12-21
Directives from the Audit Committee of the Freddie Mac Board of Directors Caused Management to Improve its Reporting about Remediation of Serious Deficiencies from October 2015 through September 2016 ESR-2017-003 2017-03-22
FHFA’s Practice for Rotation of its Examiners Is Inconsistent between its Two Supervisory Divisions EVL-2017-004 2017-03-28
FHFA’s Examination Program for the FHLBanks’ Internal Audit Functions Was Adequately Designed and Executed AUD-2017-003 2017-05-05
FHFA Complied with Applicable Improper Payment Requirements During Fiscal Year 2016 AUD-2017-004 2017-05-10
FHFA’s Processes for General Support System Component Inventory Need Improvement AUD-2017-005 2017-05-25
Closure of OIG Review of FHFA’s Supervision of an Enterprise’s Remediation of Matters Requiring Attention ESR-2017-005 2017-06-12
NPL Sales: Additional Controls Would Increase Compliance with FHFA’s Sales Requirements AUD-2017-006 2017-07-24
The Gap in FHFA’s Quality Control Review Program Increases the Risk of Inaccurate Conclusions in its Reports of Examination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac EVL-2017-006 2017-08-17
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Privacy Program AUD-2017-007 2017-08-30
FHFA’s 2015 Report of Examination to Fannie Mae Failed to Follow FHFA’s Standards Because it Reported on an Incomplete Targeted Examination of the Enterprise’s New Representation and Warranty Framework AUD-2017-008 2017-09-22
FHFA Failed to Complete Non-MRA Supervisory Activities Related to Cybersecurity Risks at Fannie Mae Planned for the 2016 Examination Cycle AUD-2017-010 2017-09-27
Performance Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program Fiscal Year 2017 AUD-2018-001 2017-10-17
Corporate Governance: Review and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest Involving Fannie Mae’s Senior Executive Officers Highlight the Need for Closer Attention to Governance Issues by FHFA EVL-2018-001 2018-01-31
Audit of FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Compliance with the Required Risk Mitigants of Automated Underwriting, Mortgage Insurance, and Homeownership Education for its Purchases of Mortgages with a 97% LTV AUD-2018-003 2018-03-08
FHFA Completed its Planned Procedures for a 2015 Representation and Warranty Framework Targeted Examination at Fannie Mae, but Did Not Document a Change to Planned Testing AUD-2018-005 2018-03-13
FHFA Requires the Enterprises’ Internal Audit Functions to Validate Remediation of Serious Deficiencies but Provides No Guidance and Imposes No Preconditions on Examiners’ Use of that Validation Work EVL-2018-002 2018-03-28