All OIG Reports

FHFA’s Failure to Use its Prudential Management and Operations Standards as Criteria for Supervision of the Enterprises Is Inconsistent with the FHFA Director’s Statutory Duty to Ensure the Enterprises Comply with FHFA's Guidelines OIG-2021-004 2021-09-20
DBR Generally Followed its Guidance to Assess the Remediation of Adverse Examination Findings Issued to the FHLBanks and the Office of Finance AUD-2021-012 2021-09-02
FHFA Must Resolve the Conflicts in its Guidance for Examinations of the Enterprises to Meet its Commitment to Develop and Maintain a World Class Supervision Program OIG-2021-003 2021-09-01
Compliance Review of FHFA's Suspended Counterparty Program COM-2021-008 2021-08-25
Compliance Review of DBR's Quality Control for Examination Work Performed by Examiners-in-Charge COM-2021-007 2021-08-25
Enterprise Multifamily Variable-Rate Mortgages WPR-2021-005 2021-08-25
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s 2021 Privacy Program AUD-2021-011 2021-08-11
FHFA Lacked Documentation of its Validation of Data Used to Produce the Third Quarter 2020 Seasonally Adjusted, Expanded-Data FHFA HPI and Failed to Timely Review its Information Quality Guidelines AUD-2021-010 2021-07-22
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Handling of Fannie Mae’s Confidential Conservator Requests COM-2021-006 2021-07-21
Summary of Administrative Inquiry: The Office Inspector General's Review of Allegations that a Senior Agency Executive Asked Job Candidates and Subordinate Employees about Their National Origin and Made Racially Insensitive Comments OIG-2021-002 2021-07-14
FHFA Did Not Record, Track, or Report All Security Incidents to US-CERT; 38% of Sampled FHFA Users Did Not Report a Suspicious Phone Call Made to Test User Awareness of its Rules of Behavior AUD-2021-009 2021-06-25
Risk Assessment of FHFA’s Government Purchase Card and Travel Card Programs April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021 OIG-RA-2021-001 2021-06-17
FHFA Did Not Always Follow its Policies for Monetary Awards, Recruitment Bonuses, and Retention Allowances during Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020; FHFA’s Excellence Awards Were Not Included in Agency Policy AUD-2021-008 2021-06-17
Compliance Review of DBR's Assessment and Documentation of Critical Cybersecurity Controls in Examinations of the FHLBank System COM-2021-005 2021-06-15
FHFA’s Failure to Define and Clearly Communicate “Supervisory Concerns” Hinders the Enterprise Boards’ Ability to Execute Their Oversight Obligations Under FHFA’s Corporate Governance Regulation and Renders the Regulation Ineffective as a Supervisory Tool EVL-2021-003 2021-03-30
Despite FHFA’s Acknowledgement that Enterprise Reliance on Third-Parties Represents a Significant Operational Risk, No Targeted Examinations of Fannie Mae’s Third-Party Risk Management Program Were Completed Over a Seven-Year Period AUD-2021-007 2021-03-29
Audit of an FHFA Sensitive Employment-Related Case Tracking System: FHFA Followed its Access Control Standard, But its System Is Adversely Impacted by Two Security Control Weaknesses AUD-2021-006 2021-03-29
Disaster Risk for Enterprise Single-Family Mortgages WPR-2021-004 2021-03-23
Landscape Report: Survey of the Impact of the SolarWinds Orion Supply Chain Compromise on FHFA and its Regulated Entities OIG-2021-001 2021-03-23
FHFA’s Failure to Include the Financial Crimes and Model Components in its CSS Risk Assessment Is Inconsistent with a Risk-Based Approach to Supervision AUD-2021-005 2021-03-23
Enterprise Business Resiliency: Risk Mitigation and Plan Development WPR-2021-003 2021-03-22
For Nine Years, FHFA Has Failed to Take Timely and Decisive Supervisory Action to Bring Fannie Mae into Compliance with its Prudential Standard to Ensure Business Resiliency EVL-2021-002 2021-03-22
Update on Enterprise Transition from LIBOR to an Alternative Index for Single-Family ARMs WPR-2021-002 2021-03-17
FHFA Followed OMB Guidance in Implementing its Enterprise Risk Management Program But its 2020 Risk Profile Failed to Identify a Significant Action Underway to Address Acknowledged Supervision Risk AUD-2021-004 2021-03-17
Corporate Governance: Fannie Mae Senior Executive Officers and Ethics Officials Again Failed to Follow Requirements for Disclosure and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest, Prompting the Need for FHFA Direction EVL-2021-001 2021-03-15