All OIG Reports

FHFA Lacked Documentation of its Validation of Data Used to Produce the Third Quarter 2020 Seasonally Adjusted, Expanded-Data FHFA HPI and Failed to Timely Review its Information Quality Guidelines AUD-2021-010 2021-07-22
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Handling of Fannie Mae’s Confidential Conservator Requests COM-2021-006 2021-07-21
Summary of Administrative Inquiry: The Office Inspector General's Review of Allegations that a Senior Agency Executive Asked Job Candidates and Subordinate Employees about Their National Origin and Made Racially Insensitive Comments OIG-2021-002 2021-07-14
FHFA Did Not Record, Track, or Report All Security Incidents to US-CERT; 38% of Sampled FHFA Users Did Not Report a Suspicious Phone Call Made to Test User Awareness of its Rules of Behavior AUD-2021-009 2021-06-25
Risk Assessment of FHFA’s Government Purchase Card and Travel Card Programs April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021 OIG-RA-2021-001 2021-06-17
FHFA Did Not Always Follow its Policies for Monetary Awards, Recruitment Bonuses, and Retention Allowances during Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020; FHFA’s Excellence Awards Were Not Included in Agency Policy AUD-2021-008 2021-06-17
Compliance Review of DBR's Assessment and Documentation of Critical Cybersecurity Controls in Examinations of the FHLBank System COM-2021-005 2021-06-15
FHFA’s Failure to Define and Clearly Communicate “Supervisory Concerns” Hinders the Enterprise Boards’ Ability to Execute Their Oversight Obligations Under FHFA’s Corporate Governance Regulation and Renders the Regulation Ineffective as a Supervisory Tool EVL-2021-003 2021-03-30
Despite FHFA’s Acknowledgement that Enterprise Reliance on Third-Parties Represents a Significant Operational Risk, No Targeted Examinations of Fannie Mae’s Third-Party Risk Management Program Were Completed Over a Seven-Year Period AUD-2021-007 2021-03-29
Audit of an FHFA Sensitive Employment-Related Case Tracking System: FHFA Followed its Access Control Standard, But its System Is Adversely Impacted by Two Security Control Weaknesses AUD-2021-006 2021-03-29
Disaster Risk for Enterprise Single-Family Mortgages WPR-2021-004 2021-03-23
Landscape Report: Survey of the Impact of the SolarWinds Orion Supply Chain Compromise on FHFA and its Regulated Entities OIG-2021-001 2021-03-23
FHFA’s Failure to Include the Financial Crimes and Model Components in its CSS Risk Assessment Is Inconsistent with a Risk-Based Approach to Supervision AUD-2021-005 2021-03-23
Enterprise Business Resiliency: Risk Mitigation and Plan Development WPR-2021-003 2021-03-22
For Nine Years, FHFA Has Failed to Take Timely and Decisive Supervisory Action to Bring Fannie Mae into Compliance with its Prudential Standard to Ensure Business Resiliency EVL-2021-002 2021-03-22
Update on Enterprise Transition from LIBOR to an Alternative Index for Single-Family ARMs WPR-2021-002 2021-03-17
FHFA Followed OMB Guidance in Implementing its Enterprise Risk Management Program But its 2020 Risk Profile Failed to Identify a Significant Action Underway to Address Acknowledged Supervision Risk AUD-2021-004 2021-03-17
Corporate Governance: Fannie Mae Senior Executive Officers and Ethics Officials Again Failed to Follow Requirements for Disclosure and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest, Prompting the Need for FHFA Direction EVL-2021-001 2021-03-15
Compliance Review of DER's Assessments of Enterprise MRA Closure Packages COM-2021-004 2021-03-15
Audit of FHFA’s Design of Procedures and Guidance to Prevent and Reduce Improper Payments AUD-2021-003 2021-03-11
Update on Mortgage Insurers as Enterprise Counterparties WPR-2021-001 2021-03-08
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Quality Control Reviews of Enterprise Supervision Activities COM-2021-003 2021-02-12
After Four and a Half Years, DER Still Fails to Ensure that Enterprise Boards are Notified of Serious Deficiencies in a Timely Manner COM-2021-002 2021-01-21
Safe and Sound Operation of the Enterprises Cannot Be Assumed Because of Significant Shortcomings in FHFA’s Supervision Program for the Enterprises OIG-2017-003 2016-12-15
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Commitment to Conduct Independent Quality Control Reviews of DBR’s Community Investment Examinations COM-2021-001 2021-01-06