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FHFA Could Enhance the Efficiency of the Agency’s Oversight of Enterprise Executive Compensation by Ensuring Sufficient Human Capital Resources and Updating Procedures EVL-2022-003 2022-09-27
FHFA Is Addressing Inadequate Cybersecurity Incident Reports by the Enterprises COM-2022-009 2022-09-22
Risk Assessment of FHFA’s Government Purchase Card and Travel Card Programs April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022 OIG-RA-2022-001 2022-09-19
Enterprise Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning WPR-2022-002 2022-09-19
FHFA Has Not Consistently Collected and Destroyed Identification Cards from Separating Personnel, but Has Otherwise Substantially Adhered to its Offboarding Procedures COM-2022-008 2022-09-08
FHFA Did Not Always Follow Federal Regulations and Its Policy for Employee Financial Disclosures During Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 AUD-2022-011 2022-09-08
FHFA Did Not Fully Comply with DHS Binding Operational Directives for Securing Its Public Websites and Publishing Its Vulnerability Disclosure Policy AUD-2022-010 2022-08-31
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program and Practices Fiscal Year 2022 AUD-2022-009 2022-07-28
FHFA’s Division of Enterprise Regulation Substantially Adhered to its Rotation Policy for Examination Leader Assignments Despite Not Tracking Them Consistently COM-2022-007 2022-07-11
FHFA’s Visibility Into the Enterprises' Credit Risks Has Increased by Reviewing Significantly More of Their Proposed Mortgage Selling Policies Before Implementation COM-2022-006 2022-07-06
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Fourth-Party Risk WPR-2022-001 2022-06-28
FHFA Has Laid the Groundwork to Integrate Consideration of Climate-Related Financial Risk into its Policies and Programs but Plans and Methodologies to Accomplish This Work Are in the Early Stages of Development AUD-2022-008 2022-06-23
FHFA Ensured that Fannie Mae Submitted Required Property Valuation Data to the Agency's Mortgage Loan Integrated System COM-2022-005 2022-05-31
FHFA Did Not Always Follow its Procedures When Reviewing the Enterprises' Draft SEC Filings, But Plans to Take Corrective Action AUD-2022-007 2022-05-12
FHFA Adequately Designed and Implemented Controls to Detect and Prevent Improper Vendor Payments During Fiscal Year 2021 AUD-2022-006 2022-03-30
Oversight of Multifamily Borrowers’ Compliance with CARES Act and Freddie Mac Tenant Protections and Freddie Mac’s Response to the Potential Financial Impact of COVID-19 OIG-2022-003 2022-03-24
DER Followed its Guidance to Prepare, Review, and Issue the 2020 CSS Report of Examination AUD-2022-005 2022-03-23
FHFA’s Public Reporting of the Enterprises’ Progress Toward the Objectives FHFA Set in the 2020 Conservatorship Scorecard Lacked the Detail and Transparency of Past Reporting EVL-2022-002 2022-03-17
FHFA’s Division of Enterprise Regulation Has Made Progress in Its Quality Control Program but Needs to Ensure Adequate Reporting and Feedback Is Provided to Management EVL-2022-001 2022-03-07
Contrary to OMWI’s FY 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, FHFA Developed and Implemented Internal Diversity Standards to Which it Does Not Adhere Fully, and it Has Not Established a Financial Literacy Program COM-2022-004 2022-02-16
Report of Administrative Inquiry into a Whistleblower Complaint Concerning an Enterprise Executive Compensation Matter OI/OIG-2022-001 2022-01-28
The Enterprises Substantially Complied with FHFA’s Revised Fraud Reporting Requirements COM-2022-003 2022-01-19
Fannie Mae Successfully Implemented its Compliance Plan for FHFA’s NPL Post-Sale Data Collection Requirements COM-2022-002 2022-01-18
FHFA Generally Complied with its Updated Guidance for Procurement Peer Reviews COM-2022-001 2022-01-14
FHFA’s Ability to Fill Positions Was Hampered by an Unreliable Internal Management Reporting Tool, Failure to Review its Hiring Practices, and Lack of Training AUD-2022-004 2022-01-05