All OIG Reports

FHFA Completed Examination Work Sufficient to Determine Whether the Enterprises’ Credit Default Models Met Supervisory Expectations EVL-2023-003 2023-04-19
An Overview of the Federal Home Loan Bank System WPR-2023-002 2023-03-31
FHFA Followed Its Guidance When Making Conservatorship Decisions But Needs to Improve Retention of Decision Documentation and Update the Conservatorship Decision Policy and Procedures AUD-2023-003 2023-03-29
DBR Adhered to Its Work Program Minimum Frequency Guidelines for Annual Examinations COM-2023-004 2023-03-22
FHFA Examinations of CSS Include Review of the Board of Managers but Supervision Has a Key Person Dependency and Outdated Guidance EVL-2023-002 2023-03-20
FHFA Did Not Fully Implement Select Security Controls Over One of Its Cloud Systems as Required by NIST and FHFA Standards and Guidelines AUD-2023-002 2023-03-08
The Division of Federal Home Loan Bank Regulation Followed Its Guidance in Performing Annual Examinations of Each Federal Home Loan Bank’s Affordable Housing Program but the AHP Examination Planning Processes Require Improvement AUD-2023-001 2023-02-09
An Overview of Common Securitization Solutions, LLC WPR-2023-001 2023-02-09
FHFA Secured Electronic Media It Designated for Disposal, But Did Not Inventory Items Consistently or Reconcile Inventory Discrepancies COM-2023-003 2023-02-02
FHFA Adhered to Its Corrective Actions for Hiring Pathways Interns COM-2023-002 2023-01-26
The Company That Issues and Administers the Enterprises’ Mortgage-Backed Securities Adhered to FHFA’s Cybersecurity Incident Reporting Standards COM-2023-001 2023-01-05
FHFA Could Further Combat Appraisal Bias by Ensuring That Complaints Are Filed with State Authorities and Ensuring the Enterprises Use Appraisals That Comply with Federal Law EVL-2023-001 2022-12-20
FHFA Could Enhance the Efficiency of the Agency’s Oversight of Enterprise Executive Compensation by Ensuring Sufficient Human Capital Resources and Updating Procedures EVL-2022-003 2022-09-27
FHFA Is Addressing Inadequate Cybersecurity Incident Reports by the Enterprises COM-2022-009 2022-09-22
Risk Assessment of FHFA’s Government Purchase Card and Travel Card Programs April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022 OIG-RA-2022-001 2022-09-19
Enterprise Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning WPR-2022-002 2022-09-19
FHFA Has Not Consistently Collected and Destroyed Identification Cards from Separating Personnel, but Has Otherwise Substantially Adhered to its Offboarding Procedures COM-2022-008 2022-09-08
FHFA Did Not Always Follow Federal Regulations and Its Policy for Employee Financial Disclosures During Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 AUD-2022-011 2022-09-08
FHFA Did Not Fully Comply with DHS Binding Operational Directives for Securing Its Public Websites and Publishing Its Vulnerability Disclosure Policy AUD-2022-010 2022-08-31
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program and Practices Fiscal Year 2022 AUD-2022-009 2022-07-28
FHFA’s Division of Enterprise Regulation Substantially Adhered to its Rotation Policy for Examination Leader Assignments Despite Not Tracking Them Consistently COM-2022-007 2022-07-11
FHFA’s Visibility Into the Enterprises' Credit Risks Has Increased by Reviewing Significantly More of Their Proposed Mortgage Selling Policies Before Implementation COM-2022-006 2022-07-06
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Fourth-Party Risk WPR-2022-001 2022-06-28
FHFA Has Laid the Groundwork to Integrate Consideration of Climate-Related Financial Risk into its Policies and Programs but Plans and Methodologies to Accomplish This Work Are in the Early Stages of Development AUD-2022-008 2022-06-23
FHFA Ensured that Fannie Mae Submitted Required Property Valuation Data to the Agency's Mortgage Loan Integrated System COM-2022-005 2022-05-31