All OIG Reports

The Enterprises Substantially Complied with FHFA’s Revised Fraud Reporting Requirements COM-2022-003 2022-01-19
Fannie Mae Successfully Implemented its Compliance Plan for FHFA’s NPL Post-Sale Data Collection Requirements COM-2022-002 2022-01-18
FHFA Generally Complied with its Updated Guidance for Procurement Peer Reviews COM-2022-001 2022-01-14
FHFA’s Ability to Fill Positions Was Hampered by an Unreliable Internal Management Reporting Tool, Failure to Review its Hiring Practices, and Lack of Training AUD-2022-004 2022-01-05
FHFA’s Recent Changes to its Housing Finance Examiner Commission Program OIG-2022-002 2021-12-15
FHFA Did Not Follow All of its Contingency Planning Requirements for the National Mortgage Database (NMDB) or its Correspondence Tracking System (CTS) AUD-2022-003 2021-12-13
Report of Administrative Inquiry: FHFA Has Determined that the Enterprises Can Absorb the Full Cost of CARES Act Mortgage Forbearance OIG-2022-001 2021-11-03
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General's Information Security Program, Fiscal Year 2021 AUD-2022-002 2021-10-15
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency's Information Security Program, Fiscal Year 2021 AUD-2022-001 2021-10-15
FHFA Did Not Follow its Interim Directive on a Requirement to Use a FAR Clause Intended to Protect Whistleblower Rights of Contractor Employees, But Has Since Taken Corrective Action AUD-2021-015 2021-09-30
FHFA’s Division of Enterprise Regulation Did Not Follow or Train to its Procedures for Information Sharing of Enterprise Counterparty Performance Issues AUD-2021-014 2021-09-28
FHFA’s Use of its Enterprise Examination Manual, in Practice, Does Not Align with its Goal of Promoting a Consistent Examination Approach or Meet Management’s Expectations AUD-2021-013 2021-09-28
Recent Trends in Enterprise Cash-Out Refinances WPR-2021-008 2021-09-27
Enterprise Counterparties: Reinsurers WPR-2021-007 2021-09-27
Interconnectedness of Enterprise Counterparties with a Common Parent Company WPR-2021-006 2021-09-27
FHFA’s Failure to Use its Prudential Management and Operations Standards as Criteria for Supervision of the Enterprises Is Inconsistent with the FHFA Director’s Statutory Duty to Ensure the Enterprises Comply with FHFA's Guidelines OIG-2021-004 2021-09-20
DBR Generally Followed its Guidance to Assess the Remediation of Adverse Examination Findings Issued to the FHLBanks and the Office of Finance AUD-2021-012 2021-09-02
FHFA Must Resolve the Conflicts in its Guidance for Examinations of the Enterprises to Meet its Commitment to Develop and Maintain a World Class Supervision Program OIG-2021-003 2021-09-01
Compliance Review of FHFA's Suspended Counterparty Program COM-2021-008 2021-08-25
Compliance Review of DBR's Quality Control for Examination Work Performed by Examiners-in-Charge COM-2021-007 2021-08-25
Enterprise Multifamily Variable-Rate Mortgages WPR-2021-005 2021-08-25
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s 2021 Privacy Program AUD-2021-011 2021-08-11
FHFA Lacked Documentation of its Validation of Data Used to Produce the Third Quarter 2020 Seasonally Adjusted, Expanded-Data FHFA HPI and Failed to Timely Review its Information Quality Guidelines AUD-2021-010 2021-07-22
Compliance Review of FHFA’s Handling of Fannie Mae’s Confidential Conservator Requests COM-2021-006 2021-07-21
Summary of Administrative Inquiry: The Office Inspector General's Review of Allegations that a Senior Agency Executive Asked Job Candidates and Subordinate Employees about Their National Origin and Made Racially Insensitive Comments OIG-2021-002 2021-07-14