All OIG Reports

An Overview of Enterprise Debt-to-Income Ratios WPR-2019-002 2019-03-27
FHFA’s Offboarding Controls over Access Cards, Sensitive IT Assets, and Records Were Not Always Documented or Followed During 2016 and 2017 AUD-2019-004 2019-03-13
Consolidation and Relocation of Fannie Mae’s Northern Virginia Workforce OIG-2018-004 2018-09-06
FHFA’s Approval of Senior Executive Succession Planning at Freddie Mac Acted to Circumvent the Congressionally Mandated Cap on CEO Compensation EVL-2019-002 2019-03-26
SIR: TBW-Colonial Investigation Lessons Learned SIR-2014-0013 2014-08-21
FHFA Non-Career Employees Have Not Been Involved in FHFA’s Freedom of Information Act Process COM-2015-002 2015-08-06
Summary of Administrative Inquiry: The Office of Inspector General's Review of Alleged Time and Attendance Fraud by Two Senior Agency Officials OIG-2018-005 2018-09-24
Summary of Administrative Inquiry: The Office of Inspector General's Review of Alleged Badgering and Harassment of FHFA Employees that Play an Important Role in the Agency's Internal Control Framework OIG-2019-003 2019-03-13
DBR’s Unwritten Procedures and Practices for Oversight of Efforts by Federal Home Loan Banks to Correct Deficiencies Underlying the Most Serious Supervisory Matters Are Inconsistent with the Written Oversight Requirements Promulgated by FHFA COM-2016-006 2016-09-30
Update on the Status of the Development of the Common Securitization Platform COM-2017-001 2016-12-09
FHFA’s Compliance with its Documentary Standards for Issuing Housing Finance Examiner Commissions COM-2017-004 2017-07-25
FHFA Should Improve its Administration of the Suspended Counterparty Program COM-2017-005 2017-07-31
Special Report: Update on FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Build-Out of its Newly Leased Class A Office Space in Midtown Center COM-2017-007 2017-09-28
FHFA Should Address the Potential Disparity Between the Statutory Requirement for Fraud Reporting and its Implementing Regulation and Advisory Bulletin COM-2018-002 2018-03-23
Report of Administrative Inquiry into Allegations of Misconduct by the FHFA Director OIG-2019-001 2018-11-29
FHFA-OIG's Current Assessment of FHFA's Conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac WPR-2012-001 2012-03-28
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Where the Taxpayers’ Money Went WPR-2012-02 2012-05-24
Overview of the Risks and Challenges the Enterprises Face in Managing Their Inventories of Foreclosed Properties WPR-2012-003 2012-06-14
External Penetration Test of FHFA's Network and Systems During 2018 AUD-2019-003 2019-02-11
The Housing Government-Sponsored Enterprises' Challenges in Managing Interest Rate Risks WPR-2013-01 2013-03-11
Analysis of the 2012 Amendments to the Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements WPR-2013-002 2013-03-20
The Continued Profitability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Is Not Assured WPR-2015-001 2015-03-18
FHFA’s Conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: A Long and Complicated Journey WPR-2015-002 2015-03-25
Cyber Security: An Overview of FHFA's Oversight of and Attention to the Enterprises' Management of Their IT Infrastructures WPR-2015-003 2015-03-31
$1.1 Billion Increase in Expenses for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from 2012 through 2015: Where the Money Went WPR-2016-001 2016-03-09