All OIG Reports

Merger of the Federal Home Loan Banks of Des Moines and Seattle: FHFA's Role and Approach for Overseeing the Continuing FHLBank WPR-2016-002 2016-03-16
Shale Oil Boom and Bust: Implications for the Mortgage Market WPR-2016-003 2016-09-07
Existing Statutory Capital Requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac WPR-2017-001 2017-08-17
FHFA’s Approval of Senior Executive Succession Planning at Fannie Mae Acted to Circumvent the Congressionally Mandated Cap on CEO Compensation EVL-2019-001 2019-03-26
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the Multifamily Market WPR-2017-002 2017-09-07
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Purchases of Adjustable-Rate Mortgages WPR-2018-001 2018-01-04
Enterprise Counterparties: Mortgage Insurers WPR-2018-002 2018-02-16
Enterprise Counterparties: Custodial Depository Institutions WPR-2018-003 2018-03-27
FHFA Letters of Instruction to the Enterprises WPR-2018-004 2018-07-23
Fannie Mae Purchased Single-Family Mortgages, Including those Purchased through Master Agreements, in Accordance with Selected Credit Terms Set Forth in its Selling Guide for 2015-2017 AUD-2019-006 2019-03-27
Freddie Mac’s IMAGIN Pilot WPR-2018-005 2018-09-12
An Overview of Enterprise Appraisal Waivers WPR-2018-006 2018-09-14
Subprime Mortgages: Enterprise and FHFA Reporting WPR-2019-001 2019-03-27
Risk Assessment of FHFA’s Fiscal Years 2016 and 2015 Government Purchase Card and Travel Card Programs OIG-RA-2017-001 2017-03-27
Management Alert: Need for Increased Oversight by FHFA, as Conservator of Fannie Mae, of the Projected Costs Associated with Fannie Mae's Headquarters Consolidation and Relocation Project COM-2016-004 2016-06-16
Administrative Investigation of an Anonymous Hotline Complaint Alleging Use of FHFA Vehicles and FHFA Employees in a Manner Inconsistent with Law and Regulation OIG-2017-001 2016-12-06
Fannie Mae Dallas Regional Headquarters Project OIG-2017-002 2016-12-15
Administrative Investigation into Anonymous Hotline Complaints Concerning Timeliness and Completeness of Disclosures Regarding a Potential Conflict of Interest by a Senior Executive Officer of an Enterprise OIG-2017-004 2017-03-23
Need for Increased Oversight by FHFA to Ensure Freddie Mac’s Policies and Procedures for Resolution of Executive Officer Conflicts of Interest Align with the Responsibilities of the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Freddie Mac Board of Directors OIG-2017-005 2017-09-27
Administrative Review of a Potential Conflict of Interest Matter Involving a Senior Executive Officer at an Enterprise OIG-2018-001 2018-07-26
Evaluation of Federal Housing Finance Agency's Oversight of Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's Executive Compensation Programs EVL-2011-002 2011-03-31
Management Advisory: Use of an Agency Vehicle OIG-2018-002 2018-09-05
Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Exit Strategy and Planning Process for the Enterprises’ Structural Reform EVL-2011-001 2011-03-31
Management Advisory: Freddie Mac’s Reimbursement of Certain Employees’ Commuting Expenses OIG-2018-003 2018-09-06
Management Advisory: Freddie Mac’s Reimbursement of a Senior Vice President’s Commuting Expenses from 2015 through the Third Quarter of 2018 OIG-2019-002 2019-03-11