All OIG Reports

FHFA Incorporated the FAR’s Whistleblower Protection Language for Contractor Employees in Selected Open Market Solicitations and Awards COM-2024-003 2024-02-08
FHFA Has Acted to Strengthen Its Oversight of Federal Home Loan Bank Members’ Compliance with Community Support Requirements COM-2024-001 2024-01-10
FHFA Completed All Planned Ongoing Monitoring Activities for Fannie Mae and CSS During the 2022 Examination Cycle COM-2024-002 2024-01-10
DER Effectively Followed Its Risk-Based Approach in Its Oversight of Fannie Mae’s IT Investment Management AUD-2024-002 2023-11-07
FHFA Did Not Document Reviews of Desktop Appraisal Reports AUD-2024-001 2023-10-25
Deficiencies in FHFA’s Travel Program From April 1, 2022, Through March 31, 2023 Management Advisory OIG-2023-001 2023-09-28
Risk Assessment of FHFA’s Charge Card Programs April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023 OIG-RA-2023-001 2023-09-28
DBR Conducted Effective Oversight of FHLBanks’ Employee Expense Reimbursement Processes But Lacked Documented Examination Guidance AUD-2023-009 2023-09-28
FHFA Effectively Blocked Phishing Emails, But Requires Improvement in Managing Vulnerabilities on Its Public Websites AUD-2023-008 2023-09-27
DBR Adapted the Scope of Its Federal Home Loan Bank Supervisory Activities in 2023 in Response to Market Disruptions EVL-2023-004 2023-09-21
People Risk at FHFA’s Regulated Entities WPR-2023-003 2023-09-21
FHFA Performed Active Oversight and Made Efforts to Ensure Fannie Mae’s Compliance with Its Directions to Improve Audit Committee Operations COM-2023-007 2023-09-06
DER Implemented Controls to Ensure that the Enterprises and CSS Remediated Adverse Examination Findings Within FHFA Determined Reasonable Timeframes AUD-2023-007 2023-09-06
FHFA Did Not Effectively Implement Records Management Training Controls for Onboarding and Offboarding Personnel COM-2023-006 2023-08-23
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Privacy Program Fiscal Year 2023 AUD-2023-006 2023-08-23
FHFA Has Initiatives to Advance Equity and Support for Underserved Communities, but Tracking and Documentation Need Improvement AUD-2023-005 2023-07-26
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Programs and Practices Fiscal Year 2023 Audit AUD-2023-004 2023-07-26
FHFA Did Not Effectively Implement Controls Intended to Ensure the Integrity of Its Employee Transportation Benefits Program COM-2023-005 2023-06-21
FHFA Completed Examination Work Sufficient to Determine Whether the Enterprises’ Credit Default Models Met Supervisory Expectations EVL-2023-003 2023-04-19
An Overview of the Federal Home Loan Bank System WPR-2023-002 2023-03-31
FHFA Followed Its Guidance When Making Conservatorship Decisions But Needs to Improve Retention of Decision Documentation and Update the Conservatorship Decision Policy and Procedures AUD-2023-003 2023-03-29
DBR Adhered to Its Work Program Minimum Frequency Guidelines for Annual Examinations COM-2023-004 2023-03-22
FHFA Examinations of CSS Include Review of the Board of Managers but Supervision Has a Key Person Dependency and Outdated Guidance EVL-2023-002 2023-03-20
FHFA Did Not Fully Implement Select Security Controls Over One of Its Cloud Systems as Required by NIST and FHFA Standards and Guidelines AUD-2023-002 2023-03-08
The Division of Federal Home Loan Bank Regulation Followed Its Guidance in Performing Annual Examinations of Each Federal Home Loan Bank’s Affordable Housing Program but the AHP Examination Planning Processes Require Improvement AUD-2023-001 2023-02-09