All OIG Reports

Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Exit Strategy and Planning Process for the Enterprises’ Structural Reform EVL-2011-001 2011-03-31
Evaluation of Federal Housing Finance Agency's Oversight of Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's Executive Compensation Programs EVL-2011-002 2011-03-31
Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Consumer Complaints Process AUD-2011-001 2011-06-21
Evaluation of FHFA’s Role in Negotiating Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Responsibilities in Treasury’s Making Home Affordable Program EVL-2011-003 2011-08-12
Evaluation of FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Management of Operational Risk EVL-2011-004 2011-09-23
Evaluation of Whether FHFA Has Sufficient Capacity to Examine the GSEs EVL-2011-005 2011-09-23
Evaluation of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Oversight of Freddie Mac’s Repurchase Settlement with Bank of America EVL-2011-006 2011-09-27
Clifton Gunderson LLP’s Independent Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Information Security Program - 2011 AUD-2011-002 2011-09-29
Clifton Gunderson LLP’s Independent Audit of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Privacy Program and Implementation - 2011 AUD-2011-003 2011-09-30
FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Default-Related Legal Services AUD-2011-004 2011-09-30
FHFA’s Oversight of Troubled Federal Home Loan Banks EVL-2012-001 2012-01-11
Evaluation of FHFA’s Management of Legal Fees for Indemnified Executives EVL-2012-002 2012-02-22
FHFA’s Supervision of Freddie Mac’s Controls over Mortgage Servicing Contractors AUD-2012-001 2012-03-07
FHFA’s Controls to Detect and Prevent Improper Payments AUD-2012-002 2012-03-09
FHFA’s Oversight of the Enterprises’ Charitable Activities ESR-2012-003 2012-03-22
Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Participation in the 2011 Mortgage Bankers Association Convention and Exposition ESR-2012-004 2012-03-22
FHFA’s Oversight of Fannie Mae’s Single-Family Underwriting Standards AUD-2012-003 2012-03-22
FHFA-OIG's Current Assessment of FHFA's Conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac WPR-2012-001 2012-03-28
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Where the Taxpayers’ Money Went WPR-2012-02 2012-05-24
FHFA’s Supervisory Framework for Federal Home Loan Banks’ Advances and Collateral Risk Management AUD-2012-004 2012-06-01
Overview of the Risks and Challenges the Enterprises Face in Managing Their Inventories of Foreclosed Properties WPR-2012-003 2012-06-14
FHFA's Oversight of the Federal Home Loan Banks' Unsecured Credit Risk Management Practices EVL-2012-005 2012-06-28
FHFA's Call Report System AUD-2012-006 2012-07-19
FHFA's Supervisory Risk Assessment for Single-Family Real Estate Owned AUD-2012-005 2012-07-19
FHFA's Certifications for the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements EVL-2012-006 2012-08-23